Find Street Closures


Even if you’re someone who likes surprises, nobody wants surprises trying to get from point a to point b. There’s nothing more frustrating than hitting traffic that you are not ready for when you have somewhere to go. That’s where Point A comes in.

Point A is a site designed to prepare Atlantans to find their way by alerting them of street closures, construction, and traffic delays throughout the city.

You can subscribe to our closure updates through social media or by joining our email list. You can also see an overview of street closures throughout the city and the ones closest to wherever you’re trying to go.


The inspiration for the project came from the Atlanta Streetcar initiative that connects East and West parts of Atlanta’s downtown area. The Street Car construction has created disruptions for residents and commuters who work and play in the area. Point A started as a response to the need for residents to be better informed about construction for StreetCar.

You can learn more about the Street Car Initiative here:

The city’s report on closures here: